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Tents define your space, protect your guests from weather,

and create a wow factor to make your event memorable.  

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A pole tent is generally designed to be used on ground or grass. A pole tent uses stakes driven into the ground and ties attached to them in order to support the tent.  used for larger events.

Can be setup on any surface including, asphalt, concrete or grass. A nice feature of frame tents is that they do not have any center poles inside of the tent, so there is nothing to work around. Usually for smaller events, or events where staking into the ground is not possible. 

Have the most memorable event in town! All the protection of a tent while feeling like you're outside. Our new clear top frame tents can be weighted or staked to accommodate any surface.

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Great for tailgating and graduation parties! Easy Set up anywhere.

Help, what size tent do I need?


You're in luck! we have a chart that can help in your planning, or give our professionals a call to better assist in determining what size make senses for you.