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  • 56 lbs per 4′ x 4′ panel
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Included 3" Wide Aluminum Edge Plus a 1" Lip
  • All dance floors require delivery, setup & teardown by our staff
  • Includes setup & teardown labor


Can be setup indoors or outdoors – perfect under a tent!  We require a tarp to be layed down under all dance floors used on grass or dirt surfaces. DANCE FLOOR IS NOT INTENDED TO BE SUBMERGED OR SEMI-SUBMERGED IN WATER.  WE REQUIIRE THAT THE DANCE FLOOR BE COVERED &/or REMOVED IN INCLEMENT WEATHER!


As a general rule 30-50% of your guests will dance at one time.
We recommend allowing roughly  4 square feet per person for Dance Floor. An easy formula to determine how many dancers a floor will accommodate: length x width = sq ft. divided by 4 = # of persons able to dance at a time.

New England Dance Floor

Color: Rose Wood




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